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About Erin Lowery Johnson

I grew up in Fairlawn, Ohio and graduated from Our Lady of the Elms High School. After earning my business degree from St. Michael's College in Vermont, I returned to Ohio and have lived in northeast Ohio ever since. I currently live in Fairlawn with my husband Russ and two beautiful daughters. After spending 18 years in corporate management and 2 years building my own business, I am now bringing all my skills and entrepreneurial spirit to my real estate business. My mission as a Real Estate Agent is to do more than just help people buy and sell homes. I want to help people live their best lives and discover all the outstanding things about Ohio. I would like to invite you to join the Facebook Group I have started called “Outstanding Ohio” that will highlight the people, places, events and activities that make Ohio outstanding. Whether you are new to Ohio or have lived here all your life, there is still something more to discover!

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Tooltime Tuesday- blendjet portable blender

For today's TOOLTIME TUESDAY, I share with you a new gadget I recently purchased at Bed Bath and Beyond... a Blendjet portable blender. I was drawn into the display by all the fun colors and how

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